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Fashion Palette #128 | Zelensky’s military style

Fashion Palette #128 | Zelensky’s military style

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President Zelensky’s Transformation: Embracing Military Style to Symbolize Unity and Resistance

Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, President Zelensky has drastically changed his image. By putting away the official suit and tie, he has dressed in military style, demonstrating his unity with the people who have risen against the invaders. In this new style, President Zelensky appeared at all possible official events and meetings, including a meeting with President Biden at the White House. Also, President Zelensky’s new style is characterized by a slightly unshaven look.

Since then, he has been almost the only president of a democratic country whose wardrobe predominantly features colors of the khaki spectrum, olive shades, and camouflage military items. His clothing is usually branded with the state symbols of Ukraine, most often with the trident, the country’s national emblem.

This trend has become popular among Ukraine’s leadership and ordinary peaceful citizens, emphasizing their readiness to fight and unite with their armed forces.

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