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About Us

Good day, friends!

IN FASHION BALANCE is the resource that helps you to style your clothing with colors, specially created with this aim; it is the generator of inspiration for your style :)

How do we create the palettes?

Each palette on our website is manually created and is the personal creative work of our main author – designer, colorist and photographer Alex Romanuke. That is why the creation of new color palettes are limited in rate and quantity.

Where do we take these beautiful photos?

Each photo on our website is officially purchased or personally given by the photographers. We have the proper licenses (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International) and the writing confirmation of the authors. We do not use photos without the author`s consent.

Where can you take/download/receive the photo from the palettes?

Some photos on our website are taken by us and have the tag Alex Romanuke. You can make the request for these images and we will provide you with them. We do not have the exclusive rights on the rest of the images, so we cannot transfer them to the third persons. If you are interested in free photos selected by us, you can proceed to the website with the free collection of photos that we made especially for these occasions.

Thank you for the support and the usage of our website!

Please refer all questions, suggestions and comments to the administration of the resource (Contact Us).