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Fashion Palette #12 | Street Style

Urban Chic: Merging Street Style with Elegance

The Fashion Challenge
Blending casual wear with a touch of sophistication isn’t always easy. How does one strike the right balance?

The Stylish Solution
Marrying a graphic sweater with a refined skirt.

Diving Into the Color Palette

  • Deep Maroon: Exudes a rich, mature vibe, perfect for grounding the look.
  • Bright Crimson: Adds zest and vivacity, catching the observer’s attention.
  • Soft Pink: Provides a gentle contrast, ensuring a cohesive ensemble.

Why This Palette Makes Waves in Fashion
This combination bridges the gap between laid-back and upscale. Maroon gives depth and class, while crimson injects energy. The hint of pink balances the intensity, creating a harmonious look.

Here, we see a masterful blend of the relaxed and the chic. The graphic sweater shouts street style, while the flowy skirt whispers elegance. This fusion not only solves the dilemma of choosing between comfort and class but also paves the way for versatile outfits suitable for various occasions.

In conclusion, this style speaks to those who refuse to be boxed into a single fashion category. It’s for the bold, the innovative, and those who believe in crafting their unique style narrative.


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Thank you, Olga, for your collaboration with us!


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