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Fashion Palette #30 | Urban Elegance

Urban Elegance in Deep Tones

Striking a Bold Statement
Embracing city vibes, this look showcases the epitome of modern street style.

Breaking Down the Outfit

  • Emerald Overcoat: The model wears a dark green coat that whispers sophistication.
  • Silver Streak: The icy hue of her hair complements the outfit’s urban undertone.
  • Subtle Accents: The necklace adds a hint of rebellion to this polished ensemble.

Decoding the Palette
Drawing from nature and architecture, these shades exude urban elegance charm:

  • Metropolitan Green: Deep and grounding, it’s reminiscent of city parks amidst skyscrapers.
  • Cloud Gray: A versatile neutral that brings to mind overcast city skies.
  • Concrete White: A brighter shade to break the monotony, like city lights on a dark street.

Tackling Fashion Quandaries
The challenge: Merging nature-inspired colors with modern city style. The solution: A palette that feels both natural and urban, effortlessly blending the best of both worlds.

For designers and fashion enthusiasts, this color scheme proves invaluable. It offers flexibility in creating looks that are both trendy and timeless.

In conclusion, the harmony of nature and city vibes in this outfit exemplifies the magic that occurs when fashion meets intuitive color choices.


Photo by Irina Nakonechnaya